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What is the #PROmindset?

Updated: May 31, 2020

"Pro" - from the Latin, "for."

When it comes to being a peak performer, champions continually refer to "The Process." Alabama football coach Nick Saban says, “We’re not going to talk about what we’re going to accomplish, we’re going to talk about how we’re going to do it." In the classic scene from the movie Moneyball, Oakland A's GM Billy Beane preaches, "This is a process. It's a process. It's a process."

Martin Luther recognized the concept of process nearly 500 years ago, "We are not yet what we are to be, but we are becoming it. It is not yet done and has not yet happened. It is, however, going on and coming to be. It is not the end, but it is the way,"

Now pretend for a moment that you speak the Queen's English. It's no longer Prah-cess; it becomes PRO-cess. To me, that's the better way to look at it. Champions put the PRO in PROcess; that's why they are PROfessionals. When you commit to the PROcess, you start to see PROgress. You start to PROduce. You become PROlific. You achieve PROdigious feats. For all of that to happen however, the emphasis has to remain on making PROgress through PROcess. It's when we start to focus on the outcome that we run into trouble. The research confirms over and over that a PROcess orientation is more beneficial than an outcome orientation.

PROgress through PROcess. That's the #PROmindset.

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