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The 90%

The Bench Cam Want to have a powerful conversation about team culture? Video your bench during a game. Check out how that worked for the University of Florida’s women’s soccer team. (3:41 video). I think this makes for a great coaching tool, because the video doesn’t lie. It raises awareness among players and coaches and opens the door for conversation.

E + R = O Event + Response = Outcome. I ran across this equation a couple of years ago, and I continually return to it. It’s not the Event that determines the Outcome, it’s how we respond to it. I particularly like the use of the word response instead of reaction. Responding requires awareness and discernment, while reactions are reflexive and can be counterproductive. Focusing on the response also returns focus to the controllable. The event has happened; there’s nothing that can be changed about it. The response, on the other hand, is totally within our control, and it is a conscious choice.

What’s the difference between performance psychology and traditional psychology? This piece provides some good insight into performance psychology in general and the Cubs in particular. (4:00 read)

When the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare has passed.

Book Review - Win Forever by Pete Carroll. Whether you’re a fan of the Seahawks or not, this book is worth a read. Providing insights into his childhood, early career, getting fired by the Jets and the Patriots, and the development of his Win Forever philosophy, Carroll provides a deeply honest evaluation of his development as a coach. If you do not have a personal philosophy of coaching, you must read how Carroll developed his (see below). If you do have a philosophy of coaching, this book provides food for thought and the opportunity to reflect on your own approach. It’s an easy read, and I have a copy if you’d like to borrow it.

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