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Peak performers aren't born, they're made!  Everyone can learn the skills and attributes necessary to perform at their best.
Mark is available for keynotes, workshops, webinars, team development, individual consultations, and CMPC mentorship.



  • 1-on-1 consultations

  • Practices and games – application and support

  • Packages Available – 4, 8, or 12 sessions

  • Custom or annual options available

Skills and Attributes


  • Confidence

  • Focus

  • Consistency

  • Mindset

  • Activation control

  • Goal setting

  • Grit

  • Mental Rehearsal

  • Breathing

  • Self-Talk

  • Identity

  • Motivation

  • Attitude

  • Coachability

CMPC Mentoring

Mark is on the AASP Registry of Approved Mentors who can assist candidates in earning CMPC status.  If you are looking to complete the 400-hour mentored experience, speak with Mark.  In-person and distance options are available.

  • Mental Skills Assessment
  • 8 Traits Personality Assessment
  • Mind Meter training
Teams  and Organizations
  • Building team culture

  • Topic-specific group presentations

  • Practices and games – application and support

  • Season-long support

  • Helping your performer thrive

  • Building a growth mindset in your child

  • How to avoid being THAT parent

  • You just got volunteered to coach ______.  Now what?

Leaders & Coaches


  • Building a growth mindset in your team (and staff)

  • Motor learning and practice development

  • Motivating your team

  • Building a performance culture

  • Enhancing your performance AND your team's

  • Coaching your kid and living to tell about it


  • Performance Assets

  • Developing learning strategies and academic behaviors

  • Building a growth mindset in your students and staff

  • Developing a growth mindset as a school culture

  • Coaching your coaches

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