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What they're saying . . .

"If you're looking for a mental coach who cares about taking your mental game to the next level as much as you do, Mark is your guy!"

 - Justin Su'a

Mental Skills Coach

Tampa Rays & Cleveland Browns


"The girls would say his help has been invaluable. I'm very impressed.  Our team has benefited and I have personally benefited as a coach."

- John Chilman

HS Softball Coach


"Mark showed the traits of a true leader.  He did everything."

- US Navy SEAL


"My son's doing really well now. He was really locked in at the end of last season with utilizing the techniques Mark taught him. He was razor sharp."

- Rod, basketball father

"At IMG, we pride ourselves on being passionate about helping others excel by training a high performance mindset. Mark joined us for a workshop as a coach who knew the mental component was the difference between being good and great. He believes in practicing what he preaches and making a difference to other peoples lives. Since then he's pursued a masters with some great mentors and worked with us for a summer, helping our camp athletes reach their potential. It's been a pleasure watching Mark grow and develop into a great mental coach. I recommend him highly to anyone serious about investing in themselves, mind, body and soul.'


- Angus Mugford, Ph.D.

Toronto Blue Jays VP of High Performance

“Doing the sports psychology sessions with Mark has helped me to be confident and relax on the field. What I found to be the most helpful thing was how to breathe and calm myself down. Another thing that I found helpful was the analogy of the multiple banks we put stuff into in reference to confidence and self worth. All in all, the sessions provided a lot of different techniques to use on the field so I would not get in my head as often as I used to. It has been very effective and changed my game play.”

- Claire, soccer player

Our daughter was struggling with her "mental toughness" at times in sports and it was impacting her performance. She met with Mark and through his program she learned strategies and tools to help her in these situations and every day life. Our daughter is a perfectionist and got easily frustrated when things didn't work out as she thought they should. Mark taught her phrases that shifted her mindset, such as "could have" instead of "should have" and to only focus on what she could control, not what others were doing. She always came home full of information that she could not wait to implement. Her sessions were a year ago and she still continues to use what she learned today. We have seen a change in her posture and confidence on the field over this past year. She is able to better handle stressful and intense moments as they come. We have watched her at times on the field using the techniques she was taught, keeping her calm and focused on the game instead of getting upset. We are grateful to Mark for helping our daughter achieve her goals.

- Heidi and Chad, soccer parents

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