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Past editions of The 90% newsletter

Updated: Sep 15

Missed an edition of The 90%? You can find past newsletters here:
The 90%: Walton, Twain & Carson; UVa kicker Matt Ganyard's persistence; Solution-focused action
The 90%: Pre-acceptance podcast; Ryan Crouser engineers world records; Fast and focused feedback
The 90%: Back to school; Rachel Heck's good stuff; The Zorro circle
The 90%: Heroic Public Speaking; Jack Nicklaus, mental coach; How to practice
The 90%: Reminders from Wichita; Bernhard Langer's ageless approach; Meditation 101
The 90%: Lessons from Scotland; It hurts to win - the VGK philosophy; Preparation, not prediction
The 90%: Maycember; Michael Block's dream week; Be where your feet are
The 90%: Be a CLOSER; Drew Maggi's persistence; Excitement, not fear
The 90%: Grappling with graupel; Furman basketball coach Bob Richey; Be a DAWG
The 90%: Improv wrap-up; CEO Conrad Hawley; Stories or Facts?
The 90%: More lessons from improv; Introducing Jordan Stolz; Progressive Muscle Relaxation
The 90%: Three lessons from improv; Patrick Mahomes' mentality; Countering overthinking
The 90%: Improv and performance; the rise of Brock Purdy; Habit formation, part II
The 90%: Welcome to the Anteaters; Tulane turnaround; Habit formation
The 90%: It's coming; World Cup PK psychology; Year-end reflection tool
The 90%: Coaching culture at LEC; Fall highlights; Gratitude practices
The 90%: AASP conference; Aaron Judge's dirt; Focusing on facts
The 90%: Online courses??? What makes Erling Haaland so good? FACE the challenge email
The 90%: Culture, LEO style; WTA #1 Iga Swiatek's mental strength; Coaching with questions The 90%: Teaching chemistry; Jesse Marsch is not Ted Lasso; SHRED the week
The 90%: Pay attention; Sydney McLaughlin's mindset; Generalizing
The 90%: Developing Leaders; Heptathlete Anna Hall; Mental Rehearsal 101
The 90%: Green and Blue Spaces, Novak Djokovic's inner battle; play FREE
The 90%: Stress and Resilience webinar; Sooner softball faith and identity; E+R=O
The 90%: Humility; Scottie Scheffler's mindset; Priming for practice
The 90%: Coachability; Bill Self's thoughts; Preventing choking
The 90%: Building resilience; Luka Doncic sings; the OODA loop
The 90%: Welcome to Dance Dynamics; the path of Cooper Kupp; Managing expectations
The 90%: Welcome to the Zags; the sheer tenacity of Lee Wen-Yi; Four times to breathe
The 90%: Confidence; Mikaela Shiffrin's motivation; the PRO mindset
The 90%: Juggling; Kikimita's Journey; Hamlet & Jocko
The 90%: Unfselfishness; Coach Frank Dick; good DRIVE
The 90%: 3 new podcast episodes; Last Play mentality; Weniger, aber Besser
The 90%: Welcome to the Vikes; why kids play; the 4C's of self-talk
The 90%: Enthusiasm; Eliud Kipchoge's habits; how to WIN
The 90%: Discipline distilled; Steph Curry's earned confidence; the STOP method
The 90%: Success behaviors; gold medalists April Ross and Alix Klineman; Recovery breathing
The 90%: Show up; Steph Curry's sight; Panoramic vision
The 90%: podcast heads-up; teen tennis stars; How to stay present
The 90%: Your canvas; Ibrahim Hamadtou; Breathing basics
The 90%: Just what is mental health anyway; Giannis is present; Journaling to a medal
The 90%: See it like an Olympian

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